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Stories of Russian Folk-life

 By Donald Alexander Mackenzie


Tsar, Little Russia, Ivan the Terrible
kopeck, Maksim, Tsar
Tsar Kolokol, Golden Knight, Kremlin
Petrograd, Little Mikhail, White Russia
versts, Little Ivan, bright eyes
Sandy Wood, Crail, Ivan the Terrible
versts, wolves, Marya
Rurik, Nicholas Ivanovitch Gogol, live the Tsar

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The glasses' ruby stream to drain Is glory's pride and pleasure — Wine ! conqueror thou of care and pain, Now to the warriors of old time, The strong in fight and glory ! These warriors and their deeds sublime Are lost in distant story ! The grave hath gathered up their dust, Their homes, — the storm hath razed them; Their helmets are devoured by rust, And silent those who praised them : But in their children live their fires, We tread the land that bore them, And see the shadows of our sires... - Page 39

The scene was closed by this blasphemous declaration of the tyrant ; — " / am your God, as God is mine ; my throne is surrounded by archangels, as is the throne of God. - Page 109

Freedom 3lavs are a dogged, laborious race, inured to the scantiest food, and they regard as a pleasure what is often a heavy burden to men of our time. They face any privations for their beloved liberty, and in spite of many reverses they are always ready to fight again. The Saxons fight for glory and the expansion of their frontiers, the Slavs for their freedom. - Page 21

Russians, and is loved and honoured and obeyed by his subjects, not only as head of the State, but also as head of the Church. - Page 22

... These twain were a young husband and wife who lived in a little house in the wood, loving each other dearly, working contentedly at their daily tasks, and dealing hospitably and generously with all. Returning through the storm from a distant sheepfold, the young countryman had found the little minstrel lying in the snow, and had carried him on his shoulders to the shelter of his home. After a few days had passed, and the little minstrel felt quite himself again, 762 763 he told his generous friends... - Page 50

Aleksyey dearly loved a secret, and smiled expectantly as he drew in a chair, sat down, placed his elbows on the table, and propped his chin on his folded hands. "General Gordon," Petrushka explained, "has long desired to return to his native land. - Page 139

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Stories of Russian Folk-Life
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